days with you
i am thinking its a sign / that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images / and when we kiss theyre perfectly aligned / and i have to speculate / that god himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay / and true it may seem like a stretch / but its thoughts like this that catch / my troubled head when youre away / and when i am missing you to death / and when you are out there on the road /for several weeks of shows / and when you scan the radio i hope this song will guide you home /
i really dont even know where to start with dove... shes my anchor and my rock. she keeps me in check when i cant seem to motivate myself to do the things i need to do, and she knows exactly how to make me smile and relax when i cant give myself a break either. waking up to a good morning message on weekdays, and her voice on weekends always gives me the energy i need to get out of bed in the morning. ive never met someone who i always want to be around this way. the most admirable part about her, though, is that somehow shes actually interested in what i have to say. she asks me to talk about my interests, and then she remembers what i say... in most cases, she even starts partaking in said interests! she lets me choose movies and shows to watch together, and she lets me talk about games or shows i like, and she always remembers the details of what i talk about... its truly amazing. shes everything i could ask for in a partner and so much more. she has the prettiest voice and the loveliest sense of humor and i love watching her make herself laugh. its even better when i can make her laugh myself.... even if shes clearly the funnier one between us. i always admire the fact that she has such concrete goals for the future, and im so honored that i can be a part of that future. shes so smart and honestly the perfect balance between serious and silly, she always knows what to say when the time calls for it. AND ALSO HER HTML IS REALLY COOL! ....i love bragging about her to anyone who will listen because i have the best girlfriend in the entire world.
days since i met you
and now you wanna chase the moon like fire well together we can fake our own deaths here / just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear / close your eyes / picture you and i selling daylight for gasoline / so now were gonna chase the moon like fire / yeah together we can fake our own deaths here / just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear /